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NRA Basic Handgun - Firearm Training Chicago


As National Rifle Association (NRA) Pistol Instructors, Firearm Training Chicago can offer you the NRA Basic Handgun Certification class as offered to NRA standards.

Attention, Firearm Training Chicago is now Alpha Koncepts Firearm Training. New name, same great instructors! To learn more about this exciting change please visit www.AlphaKoncepts.com

As of January 2016, the National Rifle Association Training Division has made the decision to phase out NRA Basic Handgun and replace with a new similar curriculum.  Please visit the Alpha Koncepts home page for the new NRA Basic handgun class or similar Alpha Pistol Basics.

Learn the Knowledge, Skills and Attitude necessary to be a responsible pistol user.  Students will learn the nomenclature, operation, proper stance, grip, sight picture, and trigger control necessary to safety and properly shoot revolvers and semi automatic hand guns.

Certified NRA Instructor
Certified NRA Instructor
NRA Range Safety Officer
NRA Range Safety Officer

This NRA Basic Handgun class is perfect for the beginner shooter, with much of the time spent in the classroom ensuring the student fully understands the basic safety rules and operation of the hand gun before visiting the range for live fire. This class is also great for shooters of any skill level, since it qualifies for 8 of the 16 required training hours for the Illinois Concealed Carry training.

Contact Firearm Training Chicago today to learn more about NRA Basic Handgun classes.