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Defensive Handgun Training - Firearm Training Chicago


You’ve got your concealed carry license. Now what?  A Defensive Pistol Training class by Firearm Training Chicago will take your concealed carry to the next level.

Attention, Firearm Training Chicago is now Alpha Koncepts Firearm Training. New name, same great instructors! To learn more about this exciting change please visit www.AlphaKoncepts.com

Learn the proper steps to draw and fire your defensive hand gun. Learn how to shoot on the move. Learn to shoot your defensive handgun in unorthodox shooting positions. Learn to make rapid target acquisitions based on dynamic input. Learn these techniques before you need them, because in a high stress situation we default to our training, we do not rise to the occasion.

Contact Firearm Training Chicago to learn more about Defensive Handgun training classes.

Take a Defensive Pistol class and bring your shooting skill to the level it needs to be.

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